Simple Event Timing with Bolt RFID

Live Stream Online · Tablet Interface · Great for Small or Large Events · Easy To Use

See how easy it is to setup a race in 5 min!

Bolt's Simple RFID Solutions

iPad Controlled

Train Volunteers

Multiple Devices

Start. Stop. Sync. Use your iPad (or iPhone) as a remote to send commands to the RFID Reader.

Super easy! People learn in minutes to help with the event or expand your team without a headache.

Connect multiple devices at once to control RFID and edit athlete in the database.


Awards w/ Printing

Manage Athletes

Set units as finish or start timers. Capability to time laps and splits too.

Save and customize most any award category... you can even print out the race results.

Manage athletes the day of the event by quickly and effortlessly editing bib # or time.

Local & Cloud Based


Locally create a WiFi connection to communicate with your RFID Reader in remote locations. 

Setup Auto-Sync with the push of a button  and sync to the cloud wherever 4g networks have coverage!

RFID Tag Pricing

Tags Only

Minimum order is 1500 or $750

$0.50 ea.

$0.75 ea.

Tags  + Foam Attached

Minimum order is 1500 or $1125

$0.59 ea.

Tags  & Foam 

The Junior Bulk 3000

3000 tags with foam for $1770

$0.54 ea.

Tags + Foam Attached 

The Papa Bulk 9000

9000 tags with foam for $4860

Tags with foam attached save a ton of time, have us attach foam for you and save time!


Starting packages to help you save on RFID

Bolt RFID Hardware Pricing


  • 1  RFID Reader w/ 4hr battery & charger 
  • 2  Antennas 
  • 2  Antenna Stands
  • 2  Antennas Cables
  • 9ft  Finish Line Cable Cover


  • 1  RFID Reader w/ 4hr battery & charger 
  • 4  Antennas 
  • 2  Antenna Stands
  • 4  Antennas Cables
  • 12ft  Finish Line Cable Cover

Email for questions on larger orders to

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Admin Panel

Quickly Edit Athletes On Race Day · Edit Results · Change Teams · Change Bib Number

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Bundle Discounts

Smartphone Control

Easily control the Bolt RFID unit from an iPhone or Android device. 

Sync data from the RFID unit to the cloud online allowing for live race results every 1min, 10mins, or whenever you chose.

Monitor bibs on mobile to verify numbers as they cross the finish

Tablet Kiosk App

Included app for athletes to search for race results instantly at the event on iPad or Android devices.

Works with 4g or local RFID network.

Ability to have ranking and place sponsor logo within race results search!


Manufacturing Partners

What Are You Waiting For?!

Control your RFID Timing from your iPhone! 

And, a basic system pays for it's self in about 2 years:

6 races/year, with 500 people/race, @ $0.50/tag, for 2yrs, totals $3000

This just about covers the cost of the starter package!

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